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Thou shall not steal

I recently had the unfortunate experience of losing my vehicle by theft. Today, as I thought about John 10:10, a powerful insight surfaced for me.

“The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy. I have come so that you may have life abundantly.”

In this case, the thief was a professional. The method they used was to simply scan the digital lock with a device until they gained access. The same tactic was used to actually drive the vehicle away.

How does this relate to the scripture reference you might ask?

For illustration purposes, imagine that my vehicle represents my identity and all that I am as a spiritual being. In what ways do I allow the thief access to my method of navigating or thinking? Are there triggers or beliefs contrary to what God says about me that grant the thief access? Are there ways that I relinquish control and travel a road that is less than ideal for me?

This experience has provided food for thought for me for sure. It is my responsibility to keep myself secure by enabling God’s Positioning Device so that alarms will surely ring loud and clear when I am threatened by the thief’s sneaky tactics.

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